The choice of neighborhood is an increasingly important factor in the home buying process.


There are numerous considerations to bear in mind when selecting your ideal home to ensure that you will have the features, facilities, and amenities you wish for and that it is congruent to the lifestyle you wish to carve for yourself.


Guanacaste has a concentration of wonderful communities that must be labeled as ‘luxurious’. These are predominantly populated by ex-pats from North America. Some of these estates have more affordable apartments that still offer access to the top-class facilities, groomed tropical gardens, golf courses, etc. There are also more economic opportunities in the older Costa Rican towns, and if you are prepared to travel five minutes to get to the beach then the real estate prices are considerably lower. It has something for everyone from billionaires to people trying to make their pension stretch a bit further.


I, Lindsey Cantillo, am here to help you if you have questions relating to specific neighborhoods or about properties for sale or rent on the coast of the Guanacaste Province.  My associates and I know the region like the backs of our hands, just contact and ask away.


Each of the specific “Neighborhood” pages that appear in this website has a brief description of that location.


There is an overview of 'life in Guanacaste' on the page "Featured Listings Map".

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